This months edition of the ‘SIMPLY’S SCOOP: MONTHLY IMPRESSION’ I was able to catch up with Mr.Blow A Check, ZOEY DOLLAZ. ZOEY DOLLAZ talks about his new single, balancing family, friends, and success, and drops some exclusive details about upcoming collaborations. ZOEY DOLLAZ single ‘Blow A Check’ has been getting major play throughout the country since dropping his mixtape Who Don’t Like Dollaz. ZOEY has been grinding hard, and staying focused and it’s definitely showing. He’s the perfect example of working hard, and remaining faithful in the dreams and aspirations you set for yourself. In my last interview with ZOEY we spoke about his work ethic, remaining humble, and believing in yourself! 10 months later, ZOEY is a testimony of where hard work, and remaining  consistent lands you. Receiving love from big names like P Diddy, French Montana, Meek Mill as well as some of the hottest and biggest DJs throughout the United States. Check out my exclusive interview with the one and only ZOEY DOLLAZ

Directed by: Benny Flash 


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