D MAC drops ‘Pray For Me’ featuring BLADE off his not yet released mixtape ‘Destiny’. D MAC and BLADE let it all out on this very sentimental track. Pray For Me, sheds light on the current battle that we are dealing with in society right now with the constant murders of our young black men. D MAC is well known for telling a story, and painting a picture with his words. BLADE is known for getting on the beat, and letting it all rip on the beat, the pain, the frustration and confusion. Without question , D MAC and BLADE both get on the beat and spit that real rap They really get in depth with the problems going on in the world. It really hits home, and explains bluntly the pain, and fear we overcome each and everyday in a country in which we should all be treated equally, and given the chance to live our lives to the fullest potential. Pray For Me, is a track that everyone should hear, and digest each and every line. This was a an amazing collaboration, and I definitely extend my hat to these two artist for giving us, the people such a well needed song. Reminding us to stay prayed, and remember that tomorrow isn’t promised.


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