Sudamar Paint and Body Shop has been specializing in custom painting since 1989. They are well known for the flawless paint jobs, and amazing body works on some of the hottest cars across Florida.

Halloween is usually based around costumes, and yummy candy. Not this year, Sudamar Paint and Body Shop alongside Undeniable Dynasty took a different route. Sudamar is well known for their flawless paint and body shop jobs on some of the hottest cars in South Florida. This Halloween I was able to attend the Sudie Fest which is a car show, and concert. There were so many unique and eye catching cars in attendance. Each car stood out for its personal reasons; rather it was the paint job, the spinning rims, or the incredible sound system. Regardless of the reason, I fell in love with each car I walked past. If you’re not familiar with candy painted Donks, and boxed Chevy’s you are without a doubt being deprived of something amazing. These car owners put so much in to their cars, and brought so much personality to each one. Making sure their prized possession stood out from the others. Throughout the day, the parking lot was getting filled with so many different cars. By the end of the night the whole parking lot was filled up by owners from all walks of life, all across Florida displaying their beauties. Aside from the amazing car show there was also a dope concert that featured so many talented artists out of South Florida. Artists like MMG’S own Gun Play and Yung Breed, YMN’s own Lipp and Cashmeir, Supa 1000, Zoey Dollaz, Ice Billion Berg, Broward’s very own Kodak Black and many more. Rappers from all across South Florida hit the stage and undeniably represented for their city.  Sudie Fest was a great event, from the unique car show to the dope concert.


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