I was able to kick off my Art Basel week with the creative individuals at Underground Gold Miami during their event Round Table Mia. UGMia, created a short documentary with a special handpicked panel discussing the underground music scene in Miami. Not only did they discuss the scene, but they suggested different steps to make it better. The panel was a diverse mixture of artists, CEO of a record label, consumer, and tastemaker. I really enjoyed this short film, not only because it was a brilliant idea, but because it touched topics that we should be discussing as a city. The views came from different sides of the spectrum. We were able to hear different sides of the story, from an artist who’s new to the game, to an artist who’s been in the game. View points of someone involved in the industry, and a consumer, fan, and follower of the industry. The opinions were all supported by valid content. Although I didn’t agree with everything said, I did respect everything being said. It was good to see a healthy discussion being done about our city, and out culture.

Upon arrival you were greeted by the red carpet, different media personalities either taking pictures, asking you your thoughts on what to expect before watching the film, and basically just networking with different faces at the event. The set up the venue like a real movie theatre with different posters of their past events like ‘Summer Rim Miami’, and my all time favorite party ‘Sorry We’re Closed Pool Party’. UGMia provided popcorn, beverages, snacks and all during the viewing of RTMia. My absolute most favorite part of the whole entire event was winning the trivia giveaway and leaving with a free video shoot with the one and only Paul Vincent! Thank you Underground Gold Miami for “Making Miami fun again”.


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