Miami Tip lands one of the hottest records out right now ‘Low Key’ featuring Fetty Wap.  Miami Tip has been working extremely hard in the studio, on the road, and really becoming a well respected name in the game. Low Key is a track that talks about being low key with your boo, not caring about what the outside world has to say. We already know how that goes, once you’re kicking it with someone that’s when the rumors, and old stories like to surface. But not paying it any mind, because you know what it is and what it isn’t. Miami Tip, and Fetty Wap rap on this dope beat, letting it known they don’t care about all that. It’s just you and the boo, in a world of their own. Miami Tip has such a nice, flow and delivery, and we know Fetty Wap adds that extra sauce with unique and distinct sound. Add these things together, you have a dope record.



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