Ice Billion Berg released his highly anticipated debut album Damage is Done 2 at the end of 2015 and I couldn’t asked for better music to end such a successful year with. If you’re not familiar, Ice Billion Berg is an independent recording artist out of Miami, Fl. Ice Billion Berg has been topping the charts of South Florida for some years now, with his variety of mix tapes and Live House brand.

Damage is Done 2 is a great body of work, with a diverse body of production, and content that sets it aside from his previous projects. Billion, raps about the different experiences he’s overcome while striving to becoming one of South Florida’s best street rapper. Billion holds nothing back, and lets it all out on the unique production on his album. As an old fan you can hear the growth, in his rhymes. As a new fan you can without doubt hear his story, and feel each word and each bar and understand more of who he is and what he stands for. Damage is Done 2 is a perfect gift for his long time fans and new listeners. It goes in depth with, the different trials, and road bumps he has went throug to be where he is at today. Damage is Done 2 is definitely a way for Billion to stamp his mark in the industry, and pave his way alongside the big names. Gain an audience from all across the world, it’s like who couldn’t relate to one of the realist, hardworking, and most consistent rappers in the game.

Ice Billion Berg didn’t disappoint whatsoever with his latest project. To pick one record is impossible. But I can say my favorite three songs from this 16 track album are, ‘Where The Love?’, ‘Smoke With Nobody’, and ‘Already Made It’. Damage is Done 2 is available for purchase on iTunes and every online outlet.

Cop Damage is Done 2 on iTunes:


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