CHAD links up with 40 GORDY, with the release of ‘Reaching for the Stars‘ to jump off the new year. This is an amazing record, that I had to literally play a few times back to back just to grasp and take in all the greatness. We all have dreams we want to reach, and with dreams comes the road bumps. They may feel so far like stars in the sky, so we catch ourselves reaching for the stars. No matter what, we have to keep pushing. That’s exactly what these two talented young men are preaching on this track. Choosing the right path, and having that tunnel vision until you reach the top. CHAD is known and embraced for his music, that real rap, in which he pours out his words, and gives a piece of him with each bar. 40 GORDY has a unique song that bleeds that real, authentic, and pain. The fact that these two are both on the same record is undeniably amazing. Reminding and preaching to the audience no matter what we HAVE to never let go, keep going, keep pushing, and continue “reaching for the stars”. 


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