Kodak Black, for the 3rd year in a row blesses his fans with a new project on Christmas Day. This time he drops ‘Institution‘, a 24 track mixtape. Kodak Black allows us into his head a little deeper with this project. Spitting that flame, which he likes to call project music and gets a little more personal with his listeners. Kodak Black takes us into his world, some of the events and the thoughts that come with being in the system. He has records that touch base on being locked up, and missing your loved ones, and the feeling of not having control of your future, not even knowing what your future may or may not hold. Kodak Black has definitely had a life changing year, from being released and back in the studio. As well as recieving consigns from big names in the industry like Drake, and Kevin Gates . Kodak Black raps about being on top of the world, but also being down and out. He spits about feelings as if no one is on his side, to being on top of the world and slowly but surely getting back on his feet and adjusting to everything going on around him. One things for sure, Kodak always keeps it real, telling us how it is, and keeping it 1K with his fans. Kodak  is like a breathe a fresh air in the industry, especially with his young age. He gives others hope that yeah it’s not always how you start the game, it’s more so how you finish the game. It’s a new year, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this young talent.

stream institution her: 



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