KIDDO MARV and MONK, two hard working, and extremely talented recording artists released a joint mixtape ‘G-DAY’ which stands for “Good Day All Year” on January 6th. A joint mixtape was well needed in the streets from the two especially after dropping records like Miami Nightz, Hope, Evolution, and a few more. G-DAY is a cool collaboration not only for the fact that these dudes are dope spitters, and make great music together, and independently but also because January 6th, is their actual birthday, and no they’re not twins. How cool is that? G-DAY is nine songs, a little over 30 minutes that shows once again how these two are so incredible. From the ladies favorite, ‘Take It Slow’ a Smash David production to my favorite ‘Now I Know’ on a RIPPA production where both KIDDO and MONK rap about issues that we as a minority are facing, loyalty not only from the vicious Miami streets, but also from our “justice”system. G DAY was a great way to start the new year off, and a perfect representation of how flexible and unique these two are!

G-DAY (Good Day All Year)


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