Miami’s inner city streets has a horrible reputation for senseless acts of violence. I love when artists use their platform big or small to address issues, events, and things that we face everyday. It seems like every single week my peers are gaining a new angel, and losing a friend, to the streets either through the system or their very own peers.

CHAD and 6KFLY, spill their hearts out on this record ‘Streets‘. I literally get goosebumps each and every time I play this song. 6KFLY raps on the first verse telling us about these streets. Preaching the importance of getting an education, and staying out the streets, and not becoming a victim of the streets, by either getting killed or becoming another body in the system. CHAD gets on the beat and not only questions the streets, but the police, and the system as well. 6KFLY and CHAD both express their concern, their fear, their hurt toward the streets, but most importantly their faith. They both are sending a message out that, there’s no loyalty or love in these vicious streets. Stay true to who you really are! 6KFLY and CHAD preach to their listeners as their voice trembles, that there’s another way besides the streets, and yes the system seems to be against us we have to work hard, pray harder, and move right! In the world we live in today, not only are the streets killing our black men, so are the police. What are we to do?



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