DJ ILLUSION produced and put together a crazy record called ‘The Crib‘ that represents in so many different ways our home. The Crib features R&B singer Ronnie VOP, and rappers the Overtown Ambassador YD and Miami’s biggest independent street rapper Ice Billion Berg. Everyone involved adds a different flavor, and represents a different ingredient to what makes Miami, the greatest city ever. Ronnie VOP gives the record a soulful taste and YD and Billion add their own gritty spice to it. There really is no place like what we call The Crib. This record has the power to be a classic record for our city. Each musician speaks on the things that make Miami, our home. The donks, the cuban links, the diversity of ladies, the parties that go on until the sun rises and we can’t forget the home of the Miami Heat, Dolphins, and Marlins. When hearing this track all I imagine is me driving with the windows down, in a pimped out donk leaving Sudamar Paint and Body shop, cruising the streets of Miami, hitting both sides of the bridge.

The Crib – DJ Illusion feat. Ronnie VOP, YD, and Ice Billion Berg




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