Great vibes, good music, and memories with the homies that’ll last a lifetime  is exactly what the Just Vibe video represents. Kiddo Marv and Chad came together and united two different groups of friends. On and off the camera you can see and feel all the love that was in the atmosphere. Just Vibe  is a track that focuses on the positive and doesn’t give energy to the negative vibes. Kiddo Marv and Chad are spotted in the video spitting their rhymes, and kicking it with their homies. 20K did a great job at directing and creating such an organic feel for one of the hottest tracks and collaborations of the summer. At the end of the video is a short tribute to two individuals who were in attendance at the video shoot showing love to their friends  but unfortunately are not here with us today. Rest in Peace T Dub and Tray Walker. This video and song represents so much more now then just a dope song, but it represents love, support, family, and brotherhood. It’s the perfect definition of Just Vibe, focusing energy on positive things because you never know where life will take it.



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