On March 5th I held my very first event ‘On The Scene W/ Simply’ and I can’t even put into words how amazing it was. My main goal when putting together this event was to get the urban community together, to communicate, network, build relationships, and most importantly have fun.  The first and only place that came to mind when putting together this idea was the one and only Speaker Boxx Miami in Miami Gardens. Speaker Boxx Miami is a place where the culture comes alive with music, art, and fashion; that’s exactly what my brand represents. It was so many different people in attendance to help me celebrate my special day. DarkSide Bay Bay, Mike Smiff, Jigg, and Kiddo Marv all performed for everyone in attendance. Adding an extra something to the night.  It’s safe to say if you weren’t a fan before you definitely became one after that night. DarkSide Bay Bay even performed some exclusive never before heard music that had the crowd pumped and mesmerized.  Polarize Me was in attnedence taking some dope Polaroid pics to add to your memory book. One of the most exciting things that went down had to be the fact that Haitian artist Woff Gang painted my new logo live on the scene throughout the event. This gave everyone a chance to see Woff at work. DJ H2 set the vibe all night on the 1’s & 2’s giving us the best local & main stream music all night. Moe’s Sweet Delights provides her mouth watering Hennessy infused cupcakes. If you were there that night, I know you fell in love with each bite. Not only did I have the best performances and giveaways ever, the night ended with an impromptu cypher that got pretty crazy, I even dropped some bars haha.  The night was filled with great vibes, music, connections were made, and memories that will last a life time. I opened the event with a dope ice breaker that gave each and everyone an opportunity to introduce their selves and represent their brands proudly. Organic and genuine vibes filled the atmosphere that night I can’t thank everyone enough for a memorable and successful event. Check out some dope shots from Fly Creation Studios & a short video  recap from Steff Couture Tv.

On Sight with Steff Couture Tv:




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