MUSIC: FEEL LIKE – @RippaDeLaHoya Feat @MajorNine and @Mirror_Monk

Feel Like is an amazing record that paints a vivid picture of what pain sounds and feels like. We all have our own definitions  & stories of what pain feels and means. On this track Rippa, Chad and Monk get on a Rippa production and let it rip. One thing about being from a city like Miami, you experience pain, and hurt more often than others but it makes you stronger. The pain of death, the pain of loyalty being broken, the pain of being broken down not even having a pot to piss in.  Rippa, Chad & Monk, three incredibly talented artist use their words to express their pains, and open up their hearts. Each artists on this track spits a verse so incredible, so touching, and so real leaving you in disbelief that a song can touch you in such way, that’s pretty unexplained. Keeping it real on the track, sharing with us apart of them we can all relate to the pain one way or another. You never know the troubles another is feeling or going through, and this track is a great example of that.

Feel Like – Rippa feat. Chad and Monk 


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