MUSIC: Hide This Pain – @TheRealLilDred

Lil Dred has the talent to tell a story in a way like no other, and does just that on his new song ‘Hide This Pain’. Lil Dred is keeping it so real on this track, I can’t lie it gave me goosebumps. Always spitting that real rap, the voice of the streets. Miami is going through a crazy time right now in which not only are people being killed but our children are losing their lives. It’s a pain that we are going through as a city no matter how hard we try it’s impossible to hide. The pain of not knowing if you or your loved ones will make it to see another day. Lil Dred raps about the pain he feels, and the fears he goes through everyday praying and hoping he’s able to accomplish his dreams. Through the pain, Lil Dred still finds a way to express positive and remind us that Dreams Really Evolve Daily.  It’s sad to say this has become our reality. Music is a way we can unite, and express our thoughts, our pain.

Hide This Pain – Lil Dred 


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