What’s your dream? What’s your story? Bizzy Crook tells his ‘STRY’ on this new record. Bizzy Crook raps it all, from the good to the bad. We all have a “success” story, which contains the really good, and the really bad, the sacrifices, and the fear. The part nobody really understands but you and only you. Bizzy Crooks raps it all so raw and un cut. Letting us know that through all the turmoil you must keep going, remain faithful in your dream, and never in his words “sell your soul”. Bizzy Crook is an artist who uses his words in a way not many are capable of. He raps in a way that you feel the pain, and you respect the struggle. He lets it all out not only with the bad but the ugly, sheds light on the part we’re “not supposed to know”. With his clever rhymes, and nice flow Bizzy tells it like no other, real as ever.



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