MUSIC: Understand Love – @Mirror_Monk Produced By: @RippaDeLaHoya 

What’s love? Is it real? Would we ever really understand it? Why does it hurt, when it feels so good?  That’s the questions that come to my head trying to figure out this crazy thing called love. Well Monk, has love all figured out and explains it on his new track ‘Understand Love’.  Monk does an outstanding job with this track picking our brains about what love is. Monk approaches this topic a way like no other. Really makes me questions his mind reading skills. Haha. Understand Love in my opinion are the different questions and thoughts that arise at that moment when you’ve been down and hurt, but you’re still trying to believe that things will get right. Monk sheds light on that point when you’re all in, not knowing if to stay or go. Love is like a drug, it takes control of your thoughts, mind, body and soul. Monk addresses LOVE with this track that speaks nothing but the truth. Rapping about that moment when you’re heart it cold, but still yearning for that real genuine painless love.

Understand Love – Monk


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