DYFL is a breath of fresh air in the game with his smooth delivery, unique flow and lyricism. Rise of a King 2 is the latest project from DYFL and I have to say I am amazed, you can see that he is without a doubt his biggest fan, and critic at the same time. DYFL raps his story in a unique and talented way that really captures our attention. The different production on this tape is really dope, from the up tempo, to soulful he has it all. He spits on the future that he sees for himself, knowing that he has a gift and he is not scared to use and excel in it. DYFL raps with so much confidence, and innocence that sets him aside from others. Giving us a piece of him that we’ve never heard before,  knowing  your flawed, but understanding  your gift is one of the most powerful forces you can  have in the industry.

Rise of a King 2: 


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