Don’t Count Me Out, is the title of producer and rapper Rippa’s début album and the title without question speaks for itself. Who said you can’t be the hottest producer in South Dade and rap? Rippa dropped this as his first tape, and definitely proved me wrong. This tape is a blueprint of everything thus far that this multi talented artist is capable of. Rippa spits his story, from the good times to the bad times, and the really troubling times. Spitting about the grind, the sacrifice that comes with the dream. Rippa reminds us the power of a dream, when at times all you have of value is your dream. When sometimes your dreams mean so much, and are so real that’s all you have to continue the next day with. Rippa opens up this project and opens the door on not only him as a producer but him as a rapper and what he’s been through, what his dreams and aspirations are,  and most importantly reminding us in his words “Don’t Count Me Out“. Rippa has some dope production on this tape as well as features from artist like Mike Smiff, Ice Berg, Chad, Monk and more. Rippa is an evolving musician, with the ambition like no other, you have no choice but to respect, sit back and enjoy his journey. 



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