VIDEO: 3 WAYS – V STUCK (@IAM_YOUNGV) feat KIDDO MARV (@KiddoSplashMarv)

V Stuck and Kiddo Marv dropped the highly anticipated video for 3 Ways and it was definitely worth the wait. If you’re anything like me you probably had an idea in your head of how the actual video will pan out. So it was no surprise seeing the video unfold, with incredible erotic scenes, nothing too crazy but the name of the song is 3 Ways. I was on the scene during the video, and still wasn’t prepared fully for the sexy, and straight to the point video. V Stuck kept it sexy and chic or the ladies not only on the record, but throughout the video. But of course, they had to leave us guessing for what the remix with Chad has in store for us.

Watch Now: 3 Ways – V Stuck x Kiddo Marv – Directed by: Yung Mike Co Directed by: Benny Flash


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