VIDEO: R2R – KIDD ADMAZ (@KiddAdamz) feat. KIDDO MARV (@KiddoSplashMarv)

“Race to the race racks, race to the racks, I’m trying to race to the racks”

Kidd Adamz, and Kiddo Marv get together for R2R, and not only is this nice collaboration of two SoFlo artists, it’s also a raw, and low key motivating record. In the sense, that we all have our own plans of what we’re going to do once when we get to the M’s.We all want to get to the racks, through all the road blocks, hate, and broken relationships on the road to the racks we must keep going harder and remember the bigger picture.   Aside from the cliché pay off my debt, buy my parents a house; we all plan on splurging a little. We have all had those thoughts like how is it to just spend money without looking at the price tags? I more than certain it’s a great feeling. We’re all grinding and hustling for so many different reasons, but the main one is to better our situations, and live a little. There’s so much money to be made, we have to work hard and get to it. In this video Kidd Adamz and Kiddo Marv have fun, and show us pretty much that although they’re working hard, they’re still having fun, and staying true to themselves. The color scheme on certain parts of the video like when they’re driving on the road was pretty dope to me. R2R was directed by Marc Jean Charles.

Watch Now: R2R – Kidd Adamz x Kiddo Marv – Directed by: Marc Jean Charles.


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