Back in April Kodak Black tweeted “I’m Better Than Pac & Biggie” which caused a major disturbance on social media for some time. Some agreed, some disagreed, some ignored and kept it moving. But the beauty of all this was that 2 months later on his birthday he released Lil Big Pac while in jail. The spectators had no choice but to see what the comment was all about. Lil Big Pac is a project in which you can really hear Kodak’s growth, and understand him even more as a rapper, not just a Project Baby in the Institution (no pun intended). Lil Big Pac features Gucci Mane, Boosie, and PNB Rock. I’m not saying Kodak is in fact better than the legendary Tupac and Biggie, but I am saying don’t doubt this young talented individual. Kodak Black spits about growing up in the projects, learning at a young age that it’s a must you work hard for whatever it is you desire, and never underestimating one’s ability to cross you. Lil Big Pac is a project in which Kodak gets more open with his listeners, showing us why he’s a part of XXL Freshman List of 2016. In or out of jail Kodak is a forced to be reckoned with.



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