Port Au Prince is the first project released from Zoey Dollaz after signing with Future’s Free Bandz. Following the incredible success of his single Blow a Check off his last mixtape Who Don’t Like Dollaz.  Port Au Prince is a tape in which the new fans can really understand and hear for their selves the true talent this Miami artist is capable of. And the old fans can appreciate and remember why Zoey Dollaz is undeniably on their top 5. Dedicating this project to his people not only from Dade County, and of course Haiti. Zoey Dollaz gives his peers the motivation and hope that all dreams big and small are attainable. With songs like ‘Focus’ where he raps about staying focused, and never allowing the trials and tribulations hinder his future. With features from Future, Lil Durk, Brianna Perry, and many more. Zoey Dollaz raps about the journey of going from under looked to overbooked, remaining humble, while balancing and maintaining his sanity and safety. Zoey Dollaz opens up about having nothing, to signing a deal that will ultimately change him and his families’ life. Zoey Dollaz not only raps effortlessly in English, but in Creole as well. showing love, and paying homage to his hometown Haiti. never forgetting where he came from with songs like ‘For My People’ and ‘I’m A Zoe’.



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