Miami Tip introduces the world to a side of her that many weren’t aware of as she releases her debut mixtape ‘The Transition’. Miami Tip who is formally known as Tip Drill the world-famous exotic dancer, takes us on a journey as she transitions into a different type of entertainer, a rapper. But not just any rapper, a female boss who holds her own, and lets it be known she’s here to stay. Miami Tip shocks the world on this tape as she shows us how much she has to offer as a rapper. Coming from where she comes from, bouncing back from an almost fatal accident Tip, is the definition of perseverance, dedication and hard work. Miami Tip raps about relationships, being a boss, keeping it real, bouncing back and overcoming adversity. Tip takes us on a ride as she gives us a piece of her that we’ve never heard. Miami Tip represents for everybody especially the women who have been doubted, over looked, rapping each bar with a flow so energetic, that you have no choice but to vibe too. The Transition has features with Fetty Wap, Torey Lanez, Bri Beauty, Fat Boy Rhymer, Ball Greezy and Kelly Cavalli. Keeping it real, letting it known that she’s about her business, and she’s hear to stay.




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