MIXTAPE REVIEW: Respect Money Power – Chad (@MajorNine)

Chad has been causing pandemonium for sometime now without dropping a single mixtape. That all changed recently once he dropped his debut mixtape Respect Money Power. It’s no shocker that his first project would be an amazing body of work. Chad is known for spitting that real rap, that pain music that you feel in your soul. Not only is he an amazing artist, from dropping classic hooks, crazy bars, and producing some of the hottest beats, he’s also known as being an incredible University of Miami football player. Yes you read correct! Not only is he a musician, but Chad is also a full time student athlete. Chad raps about balancing this double life, along with other things, like death, betrayal, money and respect. Chad’s music not only makes you appreciate him more for the remarkable artist that he is, but it can really motivate and inspire. It’s no secret that Chad has been through the unbelievable in his 20 years, but through his music he opens up about taking everything that was intended to break and bring him down, and use it to motivate and inspire. It’s a challenge to remain focus, but Chad definitely makes it seem like a walk on the park. In every word that Chad raps you can hear the emotion, and if you’re like me you can feel it as well. Through his music you can hear a young boy with a mission to be successful, pay his mother back for all that she’s done, a young man who is determined to stay focused, and live life to his fullest potential. When listening to the tape you learn that Chad is a young man that has endured so much pain, but hasn’t allowed that to knock him off his focus. From beginning to end Respect Money Power tells a story about a broken 20 year old who isn’t afraid to use his testimony to make a difference, from the heart aching bars, clever hooks, and real rap, Chad is with no doubt is definitely a name that you should get used too!

Respect Money Power – Chad


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