FLAME: Diary of a South Florida Legend recently released by the street acclaimed legend Ice Billion Berg without question shook the city up. FLAME, is the perfect word to describe this album. Following Ice Billion Berg’s career for a while now, he never ceases to amaze me.  Pushing FLAME back by two months , was with no doubt worth the wait. Ice Billion Berg, delivered what has been said to be has best body of work thus far. FLAME is a compilation of timeless music, fascinating production, and clever features. FLAME is unique from each and every previous project for reasons, like the Caribbean inspired sound, the growth in not only Billion, but production choice, and the feelings each songs gives you.

FLAME illustrates perfectly why when speaking of Ice Billion Berg you don’t fail to mention the fact that he’s in fact a SoFlo legend. The intro song ‘Old Me’ where Billion opens up about the reference to the old him. As much as we love and appreciate the old Ice Billion Berg, for the countless classics he  has made that provided us with memories we will never forgot. The new, improved, and matured Billion is just as brilliant. Acknowledging his capabilities, he’s aware that he’s the perfect force to ‘carry the torch to Biscayne’. Although he’s young Ice Billion Berg is a great representation of what it means t be a Miami breed. Taking chances, falling, getting up and coming back stronger each and every time.

Listening from beginning to end you catch vibe and just listen to the story being told. The story of a legend.  Remaining humble, and level-headed but understanding what it takes to stay consistent, and motivating and inspiring.

FLAME features Miami’s own 64 Chris, Bushy B, Lil Dred, and Mike Smiff, and Broward Counties own Gank Gaank, and Kodak Black. Each feature adds a different touch, and missing piece to the story being told.

Songs like Sucka Free, On God, No Rookie, I Got That Flame, reminds, and broadcasts the fact that he is no amateur to the game. Understanding his role, putting in the work, and dedication it takes to remain the most consistent. Ice Billion Berg gets deep on tracks like Off the Muscle, Pressure On Me, and Terrified by My Darkside. Listening closely to each word, and each bar he delivers, you can literally imagine reading the pages of his diary. Feeling the pain, the hurt, the fear, but the satisfaction and hunger. Understanding that he’s come a long way from the teenage boy screaming ‘f*cking the other side’. Revealing that although his team is stronger than ever, it took a lot to get it to that height. FLAME ends with Stars In My Ceiling featuring Bushy B. This track is a perfect ending to this chapter of his story. Billion and Bushy B both rap about understanding the pressures of going against the odds, acknowledging the success thus far, but knowing that there’s more to come.

I guarantee by the end of this album you will have a raw, and uncut look into the diary of a legend.

Search Ice Billion Berg on any music out let to stream FLAME or stream below.




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