Mirror Monk who I often refer to as the Street Prophet drops the anticipated video for ‘Streets Need Love’ produced by Rippa On the Beat. Streets Need Love was directed by Benny Flash. The video begins with a couple guys shooting dice on the block, as you spot Monk rapping the words in the background. As you listen to the words, you realize this is a story about the good and bad the streets have to offer. As the video progresses we witness two brothers, an older, wiser brother, and a younger, reckless brother often butting heads. We often go through things in our lives that we wish others can learn from without enduring the same hardships. But we are human, we make mistakes, we ignore facts, and do what we want.  As you listen to the words in the song, and watch the video unfold you realize that this is not only a story that ended in a sad way, but can easily become a positive message. The video shows a community outside at a vigil holding signs that say ‘Streets Need Love’ ‘Each 1, Teach1’, Let The Kids Grow’ and more. That part of the video ids definitely my favorite. It shines on such a positive and meaningful message, and fits perfectly with this well structured song. This video and song reminds us that not only do the streets not only need love, but the streets also need guidance.



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