“If you love me let me know right now” – Mirror Monk

I first heard If I Go First around the time a high school friend of mine lost her mother, and that alone was a wake up call that we can’t take life and the ones we love for granted especially my own mother. Sometimes we get so consumed in our everyday lives that we forget to do the small things like tell our loved ones, we love and appreciate them. We hold grudges, not realizing that here today, and gone tomorrow is the reality of how life goes.

I suggest you grab a box of tissues and enjoy the short film ‘If I Go First’ by Mirror Monk,  starring KO and Rico.This short film tells the story, and teaches the lesson about life being taken for granted, and not appreciating the people we love the most. We witness two friends (KO & RICO) allow a minor misunderstanding, tear up a friendship, which later on teaches a huge lesson that will never be forgotten. Take a few minutes and watch how the story of two friends, and life lesson unfolds. The acting throughout the film was astonishing, I felt every emotion, the realness of what occurred left me in tears by the ending.

Watch If I Go First Directed By: CineStream 


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