It’s Ok To Cry Sometimes is yet another project from Lil Dred, who is known to drop that music that feel good, organic rap music. Lil Dred gives comfort and understanding to the hurt and heartbroken ladies,  on records like ‘I Know’ and ‘It’s Ok To Cry Sometimes’. Rapping for the strong queens who feel alone, and lost, going through heart break, and rough relationships. Lil Dred is known to use his rhymes to tell the the story that a few understand, and many endure.   It’s Ok To Cry Sometimes also shows a side of Lil Dred that we don’t get to experience very often, on songs like Slow Stroke, and When U Freaky. It’s safe to say his lady fans are loving every second of it like. The tape changes gears, and Lil Dred lightens up the mood rapping about his chick and his “other chick” get together, and have a little fun without him.


It’s Ok To Cry Sometimes – 


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