EVENT RECAP: #KultureMiami Hosted by: @SirDQ

Imagine walking into an event nervous, not knowing what to expect, who you’re going to see but immedietly feeling at home, understood, and appreciated. Kulture Miami is an environment in which creatives can unite, and feel at home. Kukture Miami is held every month, a platform for visual and performing artist to express themselves to the audience. This particular month I attended (February) was dedicated to all the beautiful ladies. As soon as you walk in your greeted with so many beautiful pieces of unique art all around the room. The vendors each had something unqienabout their brand and were more than happy to explain it when approached.  So much networking and socializing going down in one room it was pretty dope to witness. Although I was a little under the weather the owner made me feel so welcomed, she even made me some hot tea. Talk about making somebody feel at home!

 As the performances began the ladies came up one by one, representing proudly for the ladies in the building. Some sang, some did spoken word, so much talent in one room, on one stage.   Something that really I loved about the night was when the ladies hit the stage, all eyes were on them. Eveyone in the room gave them their undivided attention. 
This months showcase will be held on March 18th don’t miss out! kulturemiami.splashthat.com​

​ Video by: Kameo Films 


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